A Lazy Shade of Winter

Asked how I was doing, I answered “ I’m in a slow phase right now. It’s weird for me to be slow

“Ha! Yes, was a slow strange winter for me too

In a life punctuated by adventures, I rarely ( if ever) slowed down or took a pause. A self-employed artist and teacher of movement, life typically has cascaded from one project to the next. Surfing on the big ideas, building on previously laid foundations to create something original, and devising innovative solutions to people’s personal, physical problems has been the constant rhythm of my existence.

So when stillness descended upon me, it took quite a bit of time to accept. I suspect that the practice of writing “ Morning Pages” played a large part in the shift. Providing my overactive mind with a more direct outlet for its creative energy, I no longer needed a project in order to express myself. Instead, an opportunity to meet my thoughts awaited me at the kitchen table every morning, and for the rest of the day I was fully able to be present with everything else happening in the world, without feeling the constant need to insert myself into the narrative.

I’ll be honest. It’s been weird. Great, but weird.

And the non-productivity has been unnerving at times. I hear that rest is good for you, and plenty of metaphors exist about creation germinating within stillness. ( winter, pregnancy, chrysalis to butterfly… heartwarming quotes abound) But I’m not a fan of gratuitous silver linings. Things can get awkward and that’s just fine with me.

But it’s Springtime now and oddly enough, I feel a stirring. A strong pull towards group energy again. This week’s morning pages unleashed a string of class ideas, ALL of which delighted me. And it DID feel like the first hints of green after a long winter. Each potential class a testament to the fact that maybe, just maybe, that deep calm was nurturing the conditions for evolution.

So, with this growing list of ideas,

I’d love to know which ones light you up.

A 2-hour workshop on the Ultima XS, exploring its vast potential for modification and creativity within the classic Gyrotonic framework.

* the Progression 7 Sessions: A trio of classes that delve so deep into Progression 7, you’ll come out knowing yourself (and the movements) in a whole new light. It’s like a “get to know you” session, but with Gyrotonic system and an Ultima XS.

* * Preps and Props : Ever thought a simple prop could revolutionize your workout? I’m thinking a 3-class series where we explore just that. From the mundane to the game-changing, you’ll never look at a foam roller the same way again.

* * These Vibes : A 3-class Whole Body Vibration series with the LifePro for those who want one less “$0” on their price tag. Let’s see what this budget-friendly bad boy can do.

“Your voice truly shapes our journey together.

The classes with the most votes will be the ones I offer in the coming months, so your choices today will directly influence our shared future. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go!”

And because I can’t just leave you hanging with choices and no immediate action, Here’s a little something to get your Body Moving. A free mini-class I’ve whipped up, featuring a 12-minute flexibility routine with a Pilates Mini-Ball and a long theraband. It’s like giving your body a hug and a high five at the same time. Perfect for easing into this new season of growth and movement.

video preview

So, as we shake off the hazy shade of winter and step into the sunlight of spring, let’s do it together. Let’s make this season one of exploration, expansion, and maybe a little bit of experimentation. After all, what’s life without a bit of adventure?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Domini Anne

P.S. Just remember, every great adventure starts with a single step… or in our case, a single stretch. Let’s stretch into this new season with style.

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