Can You Feel It?

When you hear the phrase "Feel the Vibration," what happens for you?

Does it invoke a memory? A musical phrase? Of a dance party 20 years ago, a sound bath, or a connection you felt with someone that was immediately beyond words?

The first image that comes up for me is standing in front of speakers pumping heavy bass, feeling the sound reverberate through me like an earthquake.

"I felt the Earth, move, under my feet."

Vibration is visceral. It is felt, not heard. A deeper experience of energetic connection with something outside of our physical selves.

We use the term to describe an unspoken connection with other humans, music, art, and sometimes an immediate "turn off." Getting "bad vibes" is an undeniable reason to walk away. If something gives off a "weird vibe," we can distance ourselves and analyze it before further engagement.

The Science of Sensation

Our nervous system experiences the world through the language of vibration. Inside your body, nerve pathways resemble tree roots and branches - bound through the spine's trunk, reaching out as strong cords that transform into tendrils, populating every inch under our skin with tiny sensory receptors.

Those receptors send information about where and how we are back up through the spinal cord to the base of our brain, the Cerebellum. This magnificent creature resembles the tree of life: nerve cables overlayed in perfect symmetry, forming a brain piece designed to experience vibration.

Our Cerebellum receives this vibrational input and relays translations to the appropriate systems. Some reach our conscious mind, while others change our digestion, blood flow, or emotions.

"Feeling a vibe" is a universal description of physical recognition needing no further validation. Your nervous system communicates through vibration, not always needing translation to be understood.

Vibration, Pain, Proprioception

Vibration is a powerful tool for body/mind connection, with potential benefits for pain management and body awareness. In some cases, pain results from a "fuzzy brain map," where information from the body is vague. The solution is clearer information through touch, pressure, muscular activation, or vibration.

This understanding illuminates why we love activities with strong vibration - driving race cars, playing music, sound baths. These experiences fill us with meaning, coloring our existence and connecting us with ourselves.

Vibration Training: Experience & Research

I've worked with advanced vibrational plates like the Galileo for years, but even cheap models offer benefits. I'm diving into these super affordable options and will have conclusions next week. Consider: if vibration feels good and you have no contraindications, exploring it may enhance your training by an order of magnitude.

Here are three workouts for ANY vibration plate (or without) to inhabit your body with greater mobility, freedom, and joy.

video previewvideo previewvideo preview

If you have a plate, start playing. If buying, check out this helpful article first.

Upcoming Vibration Training

In July, I'm offering a 4-class intro to vibration training. Any plate works - your experience will differ, but the principles remain.

This week, notice the "vibes" you feel, just like the ones that drew you in at the start of this email.

They're the building blocks of our life experience



Domini Anne

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