Heart of Class

Have you ever forgotten how much you loved something, only to have that memory come flooding back in full force within minutes of reuniting?

That Happened for Me Yesterday.

I took a pause from teaching Gyrotonic classes to develop my teacher training program, Proprio-Synthesis, and spent the last year teaching classes focused more on theory and principles of movement. I hadn't realized how much I missed sharing the beautiful flow of that particular style of movement until Saturday afternoon, when a 2-hour workshop turned into a 3 hours. By the end, every piece of my body felt smooth, fluid, and joyful.

This intensive went deep, and it was important to me to create a preparation for the students that would:

• Warm up their entire body

• Convey the principles I wanted to emphasize in the class

So I designed a warmup using a theraband and ankle weights to:

• Initiate dynamic spinal mobility

• Stabilize the pelvis while lubricating the hip sockets

•Teach the core engagement that would form the basis for all the movements to come

This week, I'm sharing that warmup with you. You'll need:

• A set of ankle weights

• A stool

• A long theraband (loops on the ends are optional)

video preview

If you missed the chance to sign up for the full Progression 7 intensive before the livestream, it's not too late to get 6 months' access to the recording. I'm going to leave the registration link open for one more week to let anyone else who wants in to get on the list. After that, you'll be able to rent the recording for a 3-day viewing period through the On Demand Workshops section of my website (at the same cost).

So if you want the extended access, it's time to take action.

I'll be offering more Gyrotonic classes in the coming months:

• Progression 7 intensive part 2 in June

• Progression 7 sessions 4 class series in August ( registration opens soon!)

• Floor class on the Ultima XS in September

If you're wondering about the LifePro series and Mad Props (where we explore the magical world of home equipment and simple props), don't worry! They're coming:

LifePro is scheduled for July 8-12

• Mad Props will happen in the fall

I can't wait to move with you.

Enjoy this powerful warmup, and have a beautiful week!

Domini Anne

P.S. I'm taking next weekend off to teach at Lightning in a Bottle, so there won't be an email next Sunday. But you can browse all my old newsletters here and pick the workout that calls to you if you feel the desire to ease back into your body with me in my absence.

Domini Anne

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