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"Here be Dragons" (Latin: hic sunt dracones) once marked dangerous or unexplored territories on maps, adorned with illustrations of mythical beasts. Interestingly, only one known map actually bears these words, yet this phrase has endured for centuries, evolving into a powerful metaphor.

Today, "Here be Dragons" resonates as a vivid illustration of our fear of the unknown and society's tendency to label uncharted territories - be they physical, intellectual, or ideological - as dangerous. This mentality extends far beyond ancient cartography, permeating various aspects of our modern world.

Consider a self-help guru claiming their method is the only path to success, or a religious group discouraging members from exploring other faiths. These are modern-day "dragons", warnings placed at the edges of controlled narratives. A tech company suppressing negative reviews or a political party dismissing opposing viewpoints as "fake news" - these too are dragons, guarding the borders of curated realities.

In the world of health and fitness, we often encounter similar dragons. How many times have we seen weight loss programs insist their method is the only effective way to shed pounds? Or fitness regimens that claim to be the one "proven system" for achieving optimal health? These assertions, while potentially well-intentioned, often serve to limit exploration and discourage critical thinking.

I've witnessed this phenomenon within my own professional life in a few different ways. For example, when companies perceive educators who approach movement creatively as a threat, viewing the exploration of alternative movement systems as a challenge to their established methods. And also, when “brand loyalty’ is applied with hyper vigilance. Sometimes tasking educators with “policing” equipment in studios, and/or the active discouragement of mentioning any equipment outside of the “brand name”.

It's as if these entities have drawn a map of fitness with their brand at the center, marking all other territories with "Here be dragons." But this approach does a disservice to both educators and students alike.

As an educator, I believe our role is to inform, not indoctrinate.

My goal is to empower students to make informed choices for their ideal outcomes. This means offering a variety of perspectives, options, and approaches. It requires trusting people to make the right choices for themselves and letting go of the need to control the narrative.

But what if we rethink this phrase? Instead of "Here be Dragons" as a warning, let's consider "Here, BE Dragons." Let this be an encouragement to follow your own trains of thought. Whenever you encounter a hard "no" from an external source, ask yourself, "How else could I get there?" Be the dragon - curious, powerful, and unafraid to explore uncharted territories.

In keeping with that spirit, here's a 25-minute floor flow, extracted from this week's Galileo class. We play with activating freedom of movement from the furthest edges of our body, then use that rolling, sometimes chaotic flow to create a routine that activates the entire body in (dare we say it?) multiple dimensions.

video preview

In essence, we're redrawing our maps. Instead of fearing the dragons, we're becoming them - embracing the adventure of exploration. After all, the most exciting discoveries often lie just beyond the edges of what we think we know.

Speaking of exploration and growth, I've had wonderful ( and overwhelming) feedback about the “Vibes for All” class series and our recent Gyrotonic intensive.

I’m honored that you seek out my advice and recommendations, and am truly grateful for all of the personal stories that you’ve shared with me. And I want this type of direct relationship to continue. Therefore, to ensure that every student receives the quality of attention they deserve, whether attending live or not, I've made the decision to cap the number of students for upcoming classes.

For those interested in joining Vibes for All, registration will be $80 for the 4 classes plus recordings until July 1st, after which it will increase to $100. Registration will close on July 5th to ensure all students have the necessary equipment to fully participate. I have updated the class info page to include FAQ's, and a link to the comparison video for your reference.

The Progression 7 Sessions, an immersive experience into the advanced exercises within the Gyrotonic level 1 curriculum, will have a limited enrollment window in early July. Learn more and sign up for the waitlist below.

In closing, let's return to our dragons. Throughout history, these mythical creatures have consistently represented fear, power, and the magnificent capacity of our own imagination. Today, I invite you to embody the dragon's power and creativity. As you navigate your fitness journey – or any path in life – remember that the most profound growth often happens when we venture beyond our comfort zones.

Every time you step onto your mat, pick up a new piece of equipment, or try a different movement, you're redrawing your own map. You're declaring, "Here, BE Dragons" – not as a warning, but as an affirmation of your potential for exploration and transformation.

So, whether you're rolling through a floor flow, mastering a new Gyrotonic sequence, or simply trying a new stretch, embrace the spirit of adventure. Challenge the boundaries others may try to impose. Ask questions, seek diverse perspectives, and trust in your ability to discern what's right for you.

Remember, you are your own best teacher. As an educator, I'm here to illuminate possibilities and provide tools, but the real magic happens when you craft your unique path. Here's to embracing our inner dragons – curious, powerful, and unafraid to explore the unmapped territories of our potential. May your journey be filled with exciting discoveries and the thrill of constant growth.


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