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Well Friends,

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and now summer is officially upon us. It's amazing how quickly we shift from the calm of winter into the fast-paced, joyful schedule of the warmer months.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of teaching classes at the Lightning in a Bottle festival as part of an incredible team led by Michelle Naiyeli Bouvier. It was my second year sharing knowledge on their movement stages, and I found myself returning to a common theme: the importance of the mind-body conversation in liberating the body.

Movement is the language we use to communicate with our nervous system. When we ignore the subtle signals our body sends us, the message gets louder, escalating into pain and discomfort. But when we engage in a curious dialogue with our body through mindful movement, we open the door to healing and transformation.

I made a few posts on Instagram this week exploring these concepts further. You can find them linked individually below or watch the full series on Youtube

• 3 Simple Practices to Reduce Pain

• Release Your Shoulders with this Breathing Exercise

• Liberate Your Feet and Ankles

• Breathwork for Balanced Posture

• Smooth Shoulders, Supple Spine

Your workouts deliver numerous benefits: strength, bone density, agility, emotional wellbeing, cardiovascular health, and more. The key to unlocking their full potential lies in combining challenging exercises with mindful practices that allow the body to heal and evolve. By focusing on proprioception, joint mobilization, and breathwork, you can effectively reduce pain and cultivate a nurturing mind-body relationship.

Instead of a free mini-workout this Sunday, I have a challenge for you:

Take a look at your movement practice, and notice where you’re already using these techniques. Pay more attention to those elements, and notice how your body responds when you focus on them as opportunities to improve your neuromuscular communication.

Next week, we’ll be taking these practices a step further, adding in another of my favorite tools for pain reduction : Vibration.

I'll be sharing a 15-minute workout you can do on any vibration plate or even without one. This routine will combine the pain reduction techniques that I’ve detailed in this email with vibration so you can experience it all in action.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to embodiment. The key is to choose training methods that excite you, activate your learning centers, and nurture the relationship between your mind and body.

Above all, keep listening to your body with curiosity and compassion. Trust me Reader , you'll love the results.

Here's to a movement practice that nourishes you from the inside out,

Domini Anne

Domini Anne

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