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Although my clients often laugh at me when I refer to myself as "old", I'd like to think that I've learned a few things in the almost 5 decades I've spent here on this earth. One piece of wisdom that I find myself returning to is that experiences, like food, take time to digest. Savoring, replaying, reflecting and pondering are all processes that require space, time and perspective before we are truly able to assimilate the information received and grow from the things that happen in our lives.

These past two weeks have been somewhat of a "concentrate" for me. Traveling through 3 states in 12 days for three different commitments, meeting diverse communities, having intense conversations and learning experiences as well as fabulous and unanticipated adventures, I returned home in a state of mild overwhelm. And hosting our annual July 4th "Grilled Cheese Party" just a couple of days later, I found myself more silent than usual as a hostess. Still holding space to absorb the beauty happening around me, I was less able to directly engage in conversations with our guests than I'd expected. My "experience cup" was full, and my reserves for immediate processing were all used up.

It's one thing to make "small talk", light, friendly banter that establishes camaraderie. But that's not how I roll. I like to get into it immediately. Diving into important conversations and allowing the personal communication to nurture mutual understanding and creativity. But that requires the headspace to be able to listen, reflect and then respond. And I hadn't yet had the time to digest everything that came before.

I guess the analogy would be if you ate a few servings of dehydrated fruit, nuts and some protein bars back to back. Not only would your system require extra time to break down all of that concentrated nutrition, but extra water would be required, and ideally you'd space those meals out by a few hours. Without the time for digestion and absorption, you'd wind up feeling rather bloated and your body would probably send clear, consistent signals about needing "down time".

So that's my personal update for you this Sunday.

I'm enjoying some solid "down time" this weekend, digesting all the wonderful things that recently happened, and readying to turn that nourishing inspiration into some great classes starting on Monday.

I'm excited for this week:

• Monday: Vibes for All Series begins (an introduction to vibration training suitable for ANY model of vibration plate). Registration is now closed for the livestreams but recordings will be available for purchase in the future.

• Sunday's Special: "The Lats Dance" Livestream Intensive

Get ready for the first of our Progression 7 Sessions! "The Lats Dance" is all about unlocking your upper body's potential. We're talking shoulder mobility, core stability, and smooth, multi-planar arm movements - without the neck strain!

This 90-minute class is perfect for Gyrotonic trainers and advanced practitioners. You'll dive deep into Level 1 exercises, gaining tools to make these movements work for all your students, no matter their fitness level.

Want in? You've got options:

For your own enjoyment and growth, I have two wonderful things to share:

A podcast with Caitlin Casella exploring the transformative role of music in fitness routines and teaching practices.

• We've included playlists! •

I met Caitlin for the first time in person at her studio in New York this year and was struck by her multidisciplinary and compassionate approach to teaching both somatics and strength. Caitlin breaks down the barriers that many of us have around dynamic movement as we get older, offering online programs that help an aging population regain their ability to jump, lift ,and run, re-igniting embodied movement for those who may have left parts of their bodies behind.

A video of my favorite shoulder preps, culled from the material for Sunday's intensive. These exercises strengthen your back, shoulders and upper body while stabilizing your core engagement. (Watch the Shoulder Prep Video)

video preview

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Here's to savoring life's journey, one mindful moment at a time. Wishing you a week full of meaningful encounters and the space to truly absorb them,

Domini Anne

P.S. Don't forget, there's still time to join us for Sunday's "The Lats Dance" - a perfect way to tune your body and mind for the week ahead!

Domini Anne

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