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Get that Hurt off Your Shoulders

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hello Friends,

A short email this week, with a fabulous postural reset for your shoulders all the way down at the bottom.

But first

Thank you for your interest in my group classes! The response was overwhelming and in the end, I think we'll do them all!

If you clicked on the links in the previous email, I've already reached out to you about scheduling. Live classes are the BEST, and the energy that fills my studio when there are numerous students on the screen is simply incredible. While we all appreciate the convenience of replays, attending live provides a much more enriching experience, and your real-time participation is a vital component of how I tailor each class to meet your needs.

I'm excited about them all, but " Mad Props" captures my creative heart. The opportunity to build " something out of nothing" and have that something become an infinite playground is a constant source of inspiration.

In the spirit of this, here's a 13-minute foam roller routine is designed to alleviate shoulder tension and promote a lengthened, relaxed spine. Perfect for anyone seeking to improve posture, reduce back pain, and enhance overall upper body mobility, this routine combines a series of effective foam roller exercises with a mini-band to help you release those tight muscles and restore balance to your shoulders and back.

video preview

More about the classes will follow, including early bird discounts for everyone signed up on the waitlists.

( if you're not on the waiting list yet, don't worry. You'll have another chance to sign up soon)

And that's all for this week.

Have a beautiful day

Domini Anne

Domini Anne

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